Rachael Jayne Barker MSc BSc (Hons)

Rachael Jayne Barker has been involved with horses for many years. Starting riding at the age of seven years old, Rachael has been involved with almost every disipline, and had success in every field.


Rachaels' career started to take shape when she attended Brackenhurst College (now part of The Nottingham Trent University) and fulfilled not only the National Diploma in Horse Management, but also achieved the BSc (honours) degree in Equine Sports Science. It was during this time that Rachael took a stronger interest in biomechanics, and anatomy and physiology.


For three years following graduation, Rachael took on schooling and competing many horses, having success in both showing and eventing, and moving horses on in their career.


In 2010 Rachael took it upon herself to further her career, and was accepted onto the MSc McTimoney Manipulation, with the McTimoney College of Chiropractic, and the Univeristy of Wales.


As a fully qualified McTimoney Animal Manipulator, Rachael works to achieve the best possible treatment for your horse or dog. Rachael also continues to further her education, updating treatments methods, attending CDP days, and building stong working relationships with Veterinary practices and clients.

Since opening the practice Rachael has built a strong client base, working with owners and animals across the East midlands. Her customers range from grassroots riders and their horses, all the way up to Grand Prix dressage horses and HOYS contenders. All of which are treated as the individual animals they are, and given the very best of Rachaels knowledge and expertise. 

In 2015 Rachael achieved the great privialge of becoming a Petplan Equine sponsored rider. This continued into 2016, and then in 2017 changed to an Ambassadorship, in which Rachael managed to continue her role.


Moving into 2020, Rachael still continues to campaign for responsible ownership and welfare as a Petplan Equine ambassador, and looks forward to being involved in their forthcoming projects.


Following on from Rachaels position as a sponsored rider, she picked up the ride on Amanda Chatfields Irish draft, named Kingsclough Masquerade. Marcus, is competed by Amanda in British Dressage, making him a wonderfully balanced and responsive ride for side saddle. Since they teamed up in 2015 the combination has taken several championships, qualified and been placed in the National 'Classical Ladies' final two years in a row, and in 2017 came 2nd in the Novice Equitation championships. 


Following a fall 2018 (which resulted in a broken leg) Rachael and Marcus, Rachael and Marcus made it back to teh Side saddle scene in 2019 with a vengence, and were placed 4th overall in the National Novice Equitation Championships, and 5th in the Classical Ladies final.


Moving into 2020, Rachael hopes to build and improve her equitation skills in the side saddle, and again compete at the National show.


Rachael currently owns four horses. Her oldest, and now semi-retired horse Sleet, is now 19. Hes been with Rachael since he was four years old, and they have tackled many disiplines together. Sleet was Rachaels first side saddle horse, as well as eventing dressage and jumping, showing, and posing for photos shoots, there isnt much they havent done. Sleet unfortunatey now suffers with arthritic changes in his hocks, along with Kissing spine syndrome, so now enjoys a life hacking, and being 'Yard Manager'.



The next is Tristan (My Little Wing Man), a six year old coloured pony, who has suffered from Uveitis in both eyes since a young age. Early in 2017 he had his nearside eye removed due to developing Glaucoma, and even though his revovery went well, his offside eye was struck with the same condition in 2019. The descison was made, to remove the remaining eye, as he was only suspected to have shape/shadow vision in it anyway at the time, and see how he coped. Not suprisingly (if you knew him), he simply seemed to not care! Afte a short period of adapation (mainly for Rachael), he was back out showing and competing in 2019, taking several championships locally and at county level, and being placed 11th out 44 at Stars 2019, in the coloured pony class.



Lordie (Lord Gale) was a successful racehorse in his younger days, but unfortunately fell into uncaring hands. In 2015 Rachael took this horse on and began his rehabilitation, and retraining as a riding and sports horse. Hes has progressed well, and now excelles in dressage and showing.



The final member of the team is Goodmans Gift, stable name Blee. Owned by Paul and Roxanne Goodman, Blee came to Rachael in November 2017. This lovely Irish sports horse oozes talent and movement, but as with all talented horses, has his quirks! With some steady and correct schooling in his frst two years with Rachael, Blee is now out competing in dressage with scores of over 70% in his prelims, and has begun his eventing career on a strong note!



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