Rehabilitation work for horses.

Rehabilitation is the act of restoring something to its original state. The noun rehabilitation comes from the Latin prefix re-, meaning “again” and habitare, meaning “make fit.”


In reagrds to horses, this can be following injury or illness, or after a period of time 'off work' for another reason.


Rachael is now taking on horses requiring rehabilitation work, on a six to eight week basis. Her experiance and knowledge in this area offers the horses the best possible chance to return to work, and then continue sucess with the owner and rider.


Following her own horses Kissing Spine diagnosis in September 2015, Rachael began an intensive rehabilitation program with Sleet, with the aim of maintaining his soundness, and possibly returning to light work in the future. After several months of ground work, Sleet returned to ridden work, and now competes at low level dressage competitions with success.

In August 2015 Rachael took on the 16.3hh ex Race and Pointer Lord Gale. 


In a poor state he was given some time to relax and settle in, before his rehabilitation work began.

Lord Gale on arrival..

and Lord Gale now...

For more information on rehab programs please feel free to get in touch.


Rachael Jayne Barker

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Appointments can be made to suit your schedule. Please contact Rachael to discuss your requirements.


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