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"I asked Rachael to come out and have a look at my boy - Toby - as I felt he wasn't quite right. He was tight on one rein and unwilling to track through with one of his hind legs.


Rachael was so patient with him even though he was a bit of a grump, as it turned out a kick he'd received in the field months prior had resulted in a huge, tight knot which was causing him quite a lot of pain.


I can't recommend her enough. She explains exactly what she is doing and why and is always happy to answer my (sometimes stupid!) questions. This isn't limited just to my appointments either. I always know that if I am worried, she is happy to answer my questions in between too.


She is so patient and careful with him and I know I can 100% trust her to do a fab job with my boys and give them the full service. And on top of all that she is a really lovely person too! Thank you so much for all you do for us Rach xxxx"

Solomon and Rocky, both owned by Elaine, are regular customers, they are both lovely to work with!


"Solomon has treatment from Racheal every 8 weeks due to his on going lameness. I wouldn't be able to ride Soly regularly without the treatments. Racheal is very friendly, professional and reliable. I would recommend her to anyone. My little man aka Rocky also has treatments from Racheal he loves her X"



Benny is a 5 yer old Irish draft, who still has alot of growing to do. Martyn keeps on top of his treatment sessions so that Beny can grow and perform to the best of his ability in the long run.


"When I bought my boy he came with a very large sarcoid on his fetlock. This caused him to dish his back legs out and become "twisted". Once the sarcoid had gone, I booked Rachael to have a look at his problems. After a good solid treatment, she re aligned his shoulders and his pelvis and put him back moving and walking straight. It was like riding a new horse. The treatment I received was better than any medication and was pretty much an instant fix. I now use rachael every 3 months for check ups to ensure everything is in the right place. It's a service that all riders in all disciplines should be considering to achieve the most from there horses. Thank you Rachael."

"Rachael started treating my cold backed horse two years ago as I wanted to make sure he was as comfortable as he could be... Although I've always been a sceptic with "back people" my horse being so sensitive I knew I could feel the huge difference in him after every treatment and every time he doesn't feel quite right she comes and sees him even on short notice and gives him a tweek and he's happy and supple again...Rachael has now become a good friend through her business and has gone above and beyond to help me and 'yellow pony' with every aspect of our partnership...plus he thoroughly enjoys it and He's even a professional at her recommended carrot stretches"

Donny, a lovely standard bred owned by Ruth Saunby, was struggling with his balance and schooling. 

Following his session Ruth says 'Donnie seems to have grown a couple of inches since his treatment and massage with Rachael Jayne Barker yesterday, the boy no longer slouches! He had a rotated pelvis and a few other niggles but all sorted now, one more follow up treatment but he looks and moves much better all ready! Would definitely recommend Rachael, she was very good, Donnie can now stand square, didn't think the boy had it in him!'

Yogi, owned by Gemma Reid, was showing signs of being cold backed, and generally not quite performing to his peak. Following his first sessions he showed a great improvement, and is now regularly competing in both eventing, working hunter classes, and winning his Tarra classes with ease! Well done Yogi! 

Poppy, the miniture schnauzer.

I want to thank you for what you have done for Poppy. After your visit on 21st November, as you predicted, she was very tired. A day or two later, she seemed to have boundless energy, running around playing with a ball, dashing up and down stairs like a 2 year old. It's amazing, the transformation. Had you not visited us, Poppy probably would have been in pain for the rest of her life.

Thanks again,


Martin Cooper, Dronfield.



Oscar, Hungarian Vizsla.

On Rachaels first visit to Oscar the dog, owner Mark explained, that while Oscar had been in the car they assume he had jumped through from the passenger seat into the rear of the vehicle, and had injured himself in the process. Oscar had been in distress, was uncomfortable, and they had taken him to the vets. Oscar had been evaluated, x-rayed, had ultrasound scans and blood tests, all resulting with ‘no signs of physical damage’, and ruling out any dysplasia or arthritis.


On initial assessment Oscar appeared ‘stuck’ between sitting and standing, showed obvious signs of discomfort when moving, and was restricted to a ‘tottery walk’. He was unable to get on and off the furniture (sofa) and showed a very guarded and developed area of muscle on the left side of his body. On discussion with Mark and Kay, he had also gone from an outgoing playful dog to not wanting any involvement with their other three Vizslas’.


Here is what Mark and Kay say about Oscar:


“Oscar was very stiff and unable to walk or run properly and it got too difficult for him
to stand up after lying down, but since being treated by Rachael his
recovery has been remarkable. Oscar is now very near back to his normal
self and we can't thank Rachael enough.”


Jerry enjoying his cuddles!

"A little update for you. I know that it is still early days but Jerry the naughty rearing , bucking napping pony has been an angel sent from up above since you treated him, we are all truely shocked!!! He is more forward going and a lot happier in the school if I hadn't of experienced this myself I wouldn't have believed it... Thank you so much, see you soon for our check up xxxx"

 Jo Jordan, Derbyshire.

The beautiful Floss dog

"Would just like to thank you my playful border collie is back to her normal self, we went on a lovely two hour walk yesterday and today she wanted to play ball all day! Whoop whoop, Thanks!


Becky Cresswell, Risley.

Shiney, with owner Debbie Walker, at Equestrian Life 2013

We bought Shiney when he was 19 years old, as a first horse for my husband John. Dispite Shiney's age, we chose him as he is so well schooled and honest, we knew we wouldn't find one better for the job, and how right we were.

Shiney was trusted enough to take John on his first hunt. Shiney was 22 and John was 60 years old. Shiney scores 70% plus in prelim dressage every time out. His paces are exellent which gets us high placings in showing classes both local and county. Shiney has recently qualified for the Royal London Show and Equestrian Life Finals at the age of 26. He will be competing at the latter.

We treat Shiney as the athlete he is whilst remembering he is an old man. We monitor his workload and food intake to hold his condition and keep him happy. We also treat him to massages with Rachael. This enables Shiney to stay as supple as possible for as long as possible. I would highly recommend Rachael, as I am sure Shiney does.


Debbie Walker, Derbyshire.


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