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Rachael Jayne Barker is a fully qualified and insured McTimoney Animal Manipulator, and treats every animal as an individual. 

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Why McTimoney?


McTimoney manipulation for animals is a non-invasive holistic treatment which works to realign and balance the animal's musculoskeletal system, restoring health and movement, soundness and performance (McTimoney Animal Association 2012). Due to its nature, the treatment is readily accepted by most animals.


Treatment focuses on the spinal column, pelvis and forelimbs, although other areas are treated. These areas are palpated by the practitioner with the aim of locating any misalignments within the body.


A misalignment is when a joint within the body is not in its correct anatomical position. For example: a vertebrae in the horses back may be slightly tilted or rotated to the left or right of the central midline.


A misalignment can induce nerve impairment. This impairment may affect the animals ability to perform. It is not a specific ‘trapped nerve’ as such, but a block in the signal between the affected area, and the horses brain. It could be an irritation, or pressure point caused by inflammation.


It is important to attempt to rectify this situation, as it can cause issues within the animals body, and its interactions with the environment.


The nervous system functions by pulses sent through the synapses within the CNS (central) and PNS (peripheral). These allow for sensory, intergrative and motor functions within the body to be defined. For example, if the horse has an inflamed area within the lumbar region it may ‘block the connection’ between that area and the brain. This can, in turn, not allow the horse to feel its environment effectively behind, causing dragging of feet, unfluid movement in the hind quarters and, ultimately may cause injury due to inability to judge stride distance or, fence height to pick up ratio, or just leaving a leg behind.


Treatment is administered using only Rachaels hands, with the use of swift, yet effective adjustments to the area required.


The McTimoney Animal Association is the professional association for McTimoney Animal Practitioners. All members have completed the Post Graduate Diploma or MSc in Animal Manipulation from the McTimoney Chiropractic college. This is currently the only validated course in Europe in teaching techniques for adjusting animals.


The McTimoney Animal Association is responsible for setting professional standards for its members and for maintaining a professional code of ethics. All members are required carry full indemnity insurance and are required to maintain their level of expertise by undertaking continuing professional development after they have qualified.


Rachael Jayne Barker

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