As an equestrian for over 30 years, Rachael has ridden, and dealt with all kinds of horses and ponies in her career.


After requests from existing customers, Rachael made the decision to add coaching and training to her services offered. 


Coaching and training is based around the riders own goals and ambitions, with the emphesis on 'correct training'. No quick fixes, arguments, or bullying tactics, just education of horse and rider to achive a harmonious, relaxed, balanced, forward thinking team.


Predominantly a dressage enthusiast, Rachael enjoys working with partnerships from Intro, right throuigh to Medium, and offers advice from a biomechanical point of view, not just as a trainer aiming for rosettes. She understand that somethimes, horses conformation, fitness, and previous training does affect future adventures.

Rachael also provides sessions on groundwork, such as long lining and lunging, to help suport ridden work, or rehabilitation.


If you are unsure, never tried before, or not quite sure where to even start, Rachael can assist in getting you set up and learning the basics.

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