Rachael aims to offer affordable equestrian services across the East Midlands, all charges are displayed below.

Treatment sessions


Start at £55 per horse. This includes a full history, assesment (static dynamic and palpation), treatment, and a comprehensive aftercare program tailored to your horse.


A follow up session may be recommended within two to three weeks of the initial session, depending on your horses condition/treatment. Further to this, it is recommended you book 6 months to annually for general checks and maintenance treatments.


Saddle fitting


1st saddle is £55, and further saddles on the same horse are £35 each.


This includes and adjustment work to panels/flocking done onsite. Gullets for adjustable saddles are charged at each brands RRP, additional to fitting cost.




Coaching and training sessions start from £20 for 30 minutes, great for younger or unfit horses and riders. £35 for one hour.


Please be tacked up and ready, for the start of your booked session time.


Travel charges


Rachael works across the East Midlands, but for calls further then 10miles from her home location, a 50p per mile travel charge is added. Please contact to discuss your location and if your area is covered.




Payment is required at the time in cash, or via card machine.


NO CHEQUES will be accepted. No paypal or bank transfer will we accepted.


Payment for saddles is required at the time of ordering (new), or when taking ownership of any second hand saddle.


Payment for ALL saddles is via card machine or cash, at the time of sale. Paypal will not be accepted for saddles. Proof of purchase will be generated at point of sale.





Any appointment cancelled with less than 24hours notice will be charged at 75% of the full cost of the session booked. This includes failure to be present at the agreed time and location, and failure to inform of any change in circumstances related to the session.

Terms and Conditions.


Treatment (McTimoney and soft tissue work)


As a qualified McTimoney Animal Manipulator Rachael works under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, and the Veterinary Surgery (Exemptions) order 1962, revised to Veterinary Surgery (Exemptions) order 2015, requiring Veterinary permission to be obtained prior to treatment.


On consultation and examination of any new horse/pony a full history will be taken on the animal, including any accidents, injuries, medications, previous treatments and therapies, along with any other information which could raise a contraindication to treatment.


All owners/riders are to sign the record card to state that they have given all the above information to the best of their knowledge, and that they have obtained the appropriate veterinary permission.


During consultation/examination of the horse/pony the owner/rider is required to be in appropriate footwear, and dress for the handling of horses.


The owner/rider of the horse/pony is responsible for handling of the horse/pony during assessment and treatment.


The owner/rider of the horse/pony is responsible for providing a safe, dry environment, sheltered from the elements (rain/snow etc) during a treatment session.


During consultation/examination the horse/pony will be required to perform a dynamic assessment, in walk, trot, and on a turn. On occasion, the horse/pony may be required to be lunged and/or ridden.


Any musculoskeletal issues/asymmetry will be discussed with the owner/rider prior to treatment commencing, along with a brief aftercare explaining what is required of the horse/pony to achieve maximum effect of the treatment.


An aftercare program will be discussed with the owner/rider, and when comprehensive/certain exercises are required, a program will be written up and handed over to the owner/rider to follow.


It is the responsibility of the owner/rider to ensure any aftercare advice/program is followed, to allow the horse/pony the full benefit of treatment.


No horse/pony will undergo treatment if lame.


No horse/pony will undergo treatment of suffering from open wounds.


No horse/pony will undergo treatment if they are suffering with viral/bacterial infection.


Any horse/pony considered to be lame/of ill health, will be referred back to the Veterinary practitioner.


Saddle fitting, and ordering of new saddles.


During saddle fitting it is the responsibility of the owner/rider to handle the animal at all times.


A template of each horse/pony is taken at the time of fitting and dated. This ensures that on follow up visits/fits, the horses musculoskeletal shape can be monitored for changes.


During saddle fitting it is the responsibility of the owner/rider to discuss their needs/requirements from a saddle. Including the type of work, duration, level (leisure/local/unaffiliated/BD/BE/endurance), and frequency the saddle will be used.


During saddle fitting the rider/owner will be required to ride the horse in any saddle fitted, to ensure its fit whilst in use. If the owner/rider is unable to ride, then an appropriate substitute rider will be required.


During fitting the owner/rider is required to be dressed appropriately for handling of horses.


During riding the owner/rider is required to be dressed appropriately for riding. This includes a correctly fitted, strapped riding helmet, when mounted.


Fitting is done to the horse presented at that time. It is the owner/riders responsibility to ensure regular checks (three month, six month, annual) are completed, to maintain a correct fit throughout the year.


When purchasing new stock saddles, the owner/rider agrees the price, payable at time of purchase. An itemised receipt will be available via email.


When ordering new saddles, measurements and sizes are taken for each individual horse, and noted on their own template sheet. The owner/rider is required to sign the template sheet, agreeing on price, and payment is due at time of ordering. An itemised receipt will be available via email.


On purchase/ordering of a new saddle, the rider/owner agrees that fitting is required on arrival of the new saddle, at a cost not included in the price of the saddle itself.


All new saddles are complete with their makers guarantee cards. It is the responsibility of the owner/rider/purchaser to complete these cards and send them to the appropriate companies.


If, for any reason, there is a manufacturing fault with a saddle post purchase, then the correct purchase information, including the purchase receipt and completed guarantee card information will be required, to follow up the fault with the manufacturers.


No returns accepted on second hand saddles.


No returns will be accepted if the saddle becomes faulty or damaged due to incorrect or improper use. This includes the use of the saddle on a horse it has not been fitted to, use of the saddle for anything other than riding or exercising of the horse is has been fitted to, improper storage or transportation of the saddle, improper maintenance/cleaning/care of the saddle, incorrect procedures when using the saddle (mounting inappropriately/riding in inappropriate clothing or boots).


NOTE: It is advised that all riders mount using the aid of an appropriately sized, fit for purpose, mounting block.

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