Saddle fitting

Correct saddle fit is important, not only from an equine welfare perspective, but also to provide the best opportunity for comfort of both horse and rider. 


Whether you are looking for super comfortable saddle to enjoy hacking in the sunshine, or one to help you shine in the competition arena, we provide three fantastic brands, with options for everyone.


Whats Involved?


A template for each horse will be taken on arrival. This will contain all the horses and riders details, and measurements from various points along the horses back.


Either the horses current saddle will be evaluated, adjusted if required, and refitted, or options for new saddles will be discussed. The owner/rider will sign the template to state that they accept and agree with the work completed at the time.


Every saddle fit requires the horse to be ridden in walk trot and canter, and possibly jump. (Exeptions are made for youngsters, and horses returning from injury).


Appropriate clothing, footwear and safety helment should be worn by any rider.


The template, with all information on, is the property of Optimal Equine, and will be kept for the purpose of maintaining records and monitoring the horses developement at future appointments. No exceptions will be made. 



A range of superior leather saddles, with Hart technology. Beautifully crafted, for the ultimate comfort of both horse and rider.


A fantastic mid range, leather saddle, offering all the characteristics of the Bates, including Hart technology.


A hugely popular synthetic range of saddles for everyone. Hart technology, improved style and perfomance, and a great price.

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